Nepal Bani Network

Nepal Bani Network

Nepal Bani Network is a media network having 67 affiliated radio stations covering all of Nepal (all 75 districts). A dedicated team of experts oversee the daily operations of this network ensuring accurate, quality and timely program production and airing. Currently, the network is airing fourteen news bulletins. The Network is centrally operated from Kathmandu and linked with affiliated stations through DtH satellite connection.

The network is currently building towards final phases of becoming the first network with a nationwide coverage and beyond (through our online stream). Beyond working as a network sharing information in real time, Nepal bani is also empowering local stations, effectively manage radio stations and ensure proper documentation and growth.

We accord top priority to Business programs and talk shows on economic, political, social and public affairs issues that are directly related to social and national welfare. We also serve local newspapers by dispatching features service incorporating news, interviews, articles and other forms of analytical write-ups. In Kathmandu, we have an independent radio station that airs every program of the Network; Radio Upatyaka 87.6 MHz covers the network 24 hours with fourteen news bulletins that go on air daily.

The Network has provided DTH receiver and dish antenna free of cost to member FM radios who are committed to broadcast our news bulletins and current affairs programs.